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Caelum Liberam: Air Defense Identification Zones Outside Sovereign Airspace

Caelum Liberam: Air Defense Identification Zones Outside Sovereign Airspace Peter A. Duntton* American Journal of International Law (2009) With the heightened concerns of states about threats from the air since September11,2001,and the recent resurgence of major military powers, Air Defense Identification Zones (ADIZs), zones in which civil aircraft must identify themselves and may be subject … Continue reading

December 09 – 16, 2013

Note: On December 05, a Chinese naval vessel attempted to force a U.S. guided missile warship in the international of the South China Sea. The information was released one week later. We have updated the last-week post with this event. December 09: China dismisses Japan’s opposition to South China Sea ADIZ – China Daily USA … Continue reading

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